It all started when…

What began as a two-week humanitarian project in 2011 became a lifelong calling for Kate Gazaway. She began as a documentary photographer and has become a creative activist, global educator, and founder of the non-profit, Picture Change. She strives to provide opportunities for individuals to move from subject to storyteller, empowering local leaders to re-claim authorship of their own narrative through photography and digital storytelling. Since 2011, she has championed her students’ work to raise awareness, inspire empathy, and redefine stereotypes around the world.

After years of being on the receiving end of hospitality, Kate has found her roots and wings in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a voracious reader, Settlers of Catan nerd, big fan of spontaneous dance parties, and a baker on most days. Even though she travels much of the year for work, she finds joy in being able to provide a good meal and a sense of home to anyone who sets foot on her front porch.