Poignant messages crafted for middle and high school students. 

Since 2011, Kate has traveled the world teaching storytelling through photography, conducting workshops with students from 7 to 44 years old. Whether you're in a refugee camp or top-tier university, we all struggle with the elemental questions of life:

Why am I here?  Am I worthy of love? What can I do about it?

  Students will be reminded of their innate worth, that they are enough, and that they have a vital role in impacting their family, community, and society. Just as compelling photography touches our hearts and moves us to action, students will realize it's all about shifting your perspective and seeing life in a new way.


From Subject to Storyteller

Taking ownership of your own story rather than having it written about you.


Disruptive Heroes 

Shifting our perspective from “less-than” to inclusion


For the ladies

How loneliness helped me find community and opened my heart to the entire world.